tabby puddle

obligatory under construction notice

heres a cat by a friend of mine (actually there were two cats but the other ha to be removed for Reasons™)

so, we (and by that mean me and only me) now have a logo of some sorts, ill start using it more i guess

oh btw the log is uncancelled i guess

i have several other websites actually (all except this oe are empty for now): candidate for branching out or something idk potential replacement for this place because '' is too loooooooooooooong

wobble! (their names tabble)

finish the word:       

chat puddle talk with me and other ppl
clicker puddle a simple clicker i made for no reason
converter puddle convert some Funny™ units of measurement and stuff (only 1 conversion is availible, wip)
glue puddle a place to worship glue
gml puddle arfield but garfield is dead
haitch puddle h
log puddle updates on the site and me i guess
me puddle stuff about me
octothorpe puddle a psa about #
pissposting™ puddle the advanced form of shitposting aka the log puddle but worse
purgatory puddle i have no idea wtf i made this (lags a lot)
reform puddle english spelling reform

follow on neocities for something idk


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