hi, tabby here

under construction for now

this place looks weird on mobile and idk what to do with that

|\__/,|    (`\
|_ _  |.--.) )
( T   )      /
here are two cats by my friend and someone else respectively

im legally obligated to link to here

chat puddle talk with me and other ppl
clicker puddle a simple clicker i made for no reason
glue puddle a place to worship glue
gml puddle garfield edits with dead garfield
log puddle updates on the site and me i guess
me puddle stuff about me
purgatory puddle i have no idea wtf i made this (lags a lot)
reform puddle english spelling reform
lupa pi toki pona (toki pona puddle) (under construction) stuff related to toki pona (which is rn nothing)

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